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John E. Farah, D.M.D.

Established in the early 1970s, our practice has been serving the Titusville community for 40 years. The family practice began when Dr. Frank Siciliano started a small office on Garden Street in Titusville.

After the passing of Dr. Frank Siciliano in 1984, his brother-in-law, Dr. Jan Spagnoli, took over the practice. Dr. Jan Spagnoli began treating patients in two other locations until he built a state-of-the-art office at the intersection of Garden and Carpenter Road in Titusville, which is easily accessible to many patients in central Florida –conveniently located right off of I-95. After a long, rewarding, and impactful career, Dr. Jan has come to close this chapter

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Welcome to Titusville FL General & Family Dentistry

Family owned and operated, our dental practice has been serving the Titusville community for over 40 years. As a team of dedicated dental professionals, we specialize in a personalized approach to treatment and comprehensive care. Our goal is to provide the best quality evidence-based dental experience, while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in dentistry

Part of our commitment to service is to keep current with the latest advancements in technology, and to provide information that helps our patient’s make the most informed decisions about their oral health care – we hope you find our website to be a useful and interesting resource, please be sure to give us a call us if you have any questions about your dental needs.

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With a dental crown, the damaged tooth structure is reduced and a custom-made tooth (or "crown") is bonded to its surface

Inlays and Onlays

When more than half of a tooth is damaged, we may advise replacing the damaged structure with an inlay or onlay.


Dentistry is capable of providing you with new alternatives in dental fillings that provide you with functional, natural-looking results.


A full denture replaces a full arch of teeth. Conventional full dentures are removable, but new advancements have allowed practitioners to anchor your full denture

Dental Bridges

If missing teeth are not replaced, your other teeth can drift out of position. These areas are more likely to develop gum disease and induce the decay of surrounding teeth.

Root Canals

Root canals are the thin passages that run from the soft inner tissue of your tooth (pulp) to the tip of the root of your tooth. These canals may become infected in a variety of ways

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Veneers are most often applied over the front-most teeth to correct stained, cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Veneers are most often applied over the front-most teeth to correct stained, cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth.

Bonding & Cosmetic Resins

Bonding of composite resins is ideal for small corrections, in which most of the tooth is healthy and stable.

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Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or teeth can be demoralizing and embarrassing. With modern technology it is possible to restore your smile


A tooth extraction may be necessary for many reasons, including severe damage or decay. One of the most common dental procedures

Wisdom Teeth

Great improvements in dentistry now allow wisdom tooth extraction to be gentle, comfortable and easy for the patient.

Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

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Our Patient Say

Titusville's Most Loved Dental Practice

Rosemary Batezel

I’m brand new in town and meeting new Doctors… the Doctors I left behind were caring and had a long term relationship… What I was looking for in my new Doctor was more of the same… So my first visit found staff very professional

Allison Noe

Dr Farah took over Dr Spagnoli’s practice. Recently I had a crown break and come off. I found Dr Farah to be very gentle and very thorough. He explained my options. We discussed each and agreed on the one that suited me.

Tony Shibly

A visit to the dentist is not on top of my bucket list, but having been a customer for a long time it is a visit I look forward to at least once a year. The staff are very cordial, professional and very helpful. I always had a painless experience.

Jaclyn Dorff

Dr Farah took us in on his day off to fix my sons chipped front tooth. After moving our whole family to his office, we have been so impressed with his entire staff and their overall concern as well as customer service! 10/10 would recommend!!

Joanna Meyer

This office has the most compassionate, kind and understanding people. They calmed my anxiety, they explained everything down to the smallest detail and they have the patient health and safety in mind at all times.