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Dentist Titusville, FL

Our Philosophy

Dr. Farah is committed to giving his patients the best experience and results possible. He listens carefully to his patients, and does everything he can to make your visit comfortable.

We have a large number of patients who have been with us their entire life.

Perfection is a Part of Our Life

The quality of dental work varies from dentist to dentist. A badly filled tooth or a mis-fit crown can lead to pain and multiple dental visits to fix a "problem" that may not have existed otherwise. We recognize this and strive to provide each patient with the best that dentistry can provide.

State of the Art Dentistry

Technology in dentistry is constantly advancing and we work to bring our patients the very best of the latest technology. Not all of the "latest and greatest" make the cut, however. We will often have a very specific reason for not investing in a particular technology. Please ask us if we don't offer a particular technology you were interested in.

Family Dentistry Mims FL

Evidence Based Dentistry

Our philosophy includes a conservative approach to dentistry titled "Evidence Based Dentistry". With Evidence Based Dentistry, we consider 3 factors with each case.

  • The Evidence
  • The Clinical Expertise
  • Patient Needs & Preferences

We feel that each of these zones are equally important. It is for this reason that the patient is consulted at every opportunity. Another example is when evaluating Clinical Expertise, we may find that your particular case requires the skills of a dental specialist such as a Periodontist or an Orthodontist. In these cases, we will refer you to a dental specialist we highly regard.