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Our Technology

Our practice understands that dentistry is evolving with new technology every year. These advancements usually have to do with the biological nature of dentistry, material science improvements, comfort, and efficiency. Certain techniques and materials are time-tested, while others have changed. Our dentists are passionate about material selection – which makes a big difference in the longevity and overall prognosis of teeth.

Some materials that have come into dentistry are overused, or improperly used -resulting in future decay or tooth loss. We rely on solid research before committing to any new trends in dental care. Dentistry is about making hundreds of important decisions every day, and we strive to make decisions that are evidence-based and peer-reviewed by the best dentists all over the country. Here’s a little more information about the technology we rely on at our office.

Digital Radiography

We use digital radiography to make appointments shorter, radiation exposure significantly lower, and diagnosis more accurate. Occasionally we rely on Cone beam 3D CT scans with our team of specialists to treatment plan complex implant cases or diagnose complicated root problems or fractures.

Local Laboratory Fabricated Restorations

For our patients, only high grade American made laboratory work is used. In fact, the lab we use is right here in central florida. We do not outsource our dental restorations to other countries like many corporate offices do. Having a personal relationship with the laboratory technician is very helpful for the Doctors to make

Diversity of Materials Used

We offer a wide diversity of restorative materials based on indication, and patient preference. Consideration for longevity, durability, biocompatibility, and esthetics are key areas that the dentists must consider when selecting a material. It’s our goal to educate our patients on what materials are being used, and why.