Your Guide to Tooth Extraction: What to Expect and How to Care

You might wonder what to expect if you’re organized for a tooth extraction at Farah Dentistry in Titusville, FL. The good news is that our experienced team will guide you through every step, from pre-surgery preparations to post-operative care.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

Our caring and skilled dentists will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed when you arrive at Farah Dentistry. We’ll provide local anesthesia to dull the area, assuring you feel no pain during the procedure. The tooth will be gently slacked and removed, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier smile.

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The Road to Recovery Begins

After your tooth extraction, properly caring for yourself is essential to ensure a smooth recovery. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Immediate Post-Extraction Care

In persistent bleeding, biting down on a moistened tea bag can help control it. Repeat as needed.

2. Managing Swelling and Discomfort

After the extraction, you may experience some swelling, stiffness, bleeding, and discomfort. To help manage these symptoms, apply ice to your face for the first couple of hours, using a schedule of 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.

3. Sleeping and Recovery Position

Over the next 48 hours, it’s best to prop your head up higher than usual when sleeping. This position can help reduce swelling and promote a smoother recovery.

Important Do's and Don'ts

In the days following your tooth extraction, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do:


  • Do not smoke: Smoking can slow healing and increase the risk of complications.
  • Do not spit out: Avoid spitting forcefully.
  • Do not use straws: Sipping through straws creates suction in your mouth.
  • Do not drink carbonated soda: Carbonated beverages can irritate the extraction site.
  • Do not bend over: Bending over or engaging in heavy activity can cause bleeding.

Your Caring Dental Team at Farah Dentistry

At Farah Dentistry in Titusville, FL, we’re not just your dentists; we’re your partners in maintaining and enhancing your dental health. Our experienced and compassionate team ensures that every dental journey is as comfortable as possible.

Contact Farah Dentistry for Your Dental Needs

Your journey to a healthier smile begins with us. If you have queries or concerns about tooth extractions or other dental procedures, don’t hesitate to contact Farah Dentistry. Remember, your smile is our priority. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to get more information. Your well-being is what we care about the most.

ABOUT John E. Farah, D.M.D.

ABOUT John E. Farah, D.M.D.

Dr. John Farah continues the responsibilities of our practice. His experience and skills offer a commitment to provide the quality of dental care that we have always taken pride in providing you. Our practice is founded on an honest approach to personalized dental care. Not every patient’s needs, or resources are the same, so we have always believed in trying to give our patients autonomy in making guided and well-informed decisions. Part of our philosophy has always been about creating relaxing, meaningful, and personal experiences for each patient that comes in our door and because of that, many patients are still with us today carrying restorations from 40 years ago.
Dr. John Farah provides high quality service in a comfortable setting. He believes every patient deserves a healthy smile with an enjoyable experience.

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